Wedding Budget Breakdown

wedding budget

Creating a wedding budget breakdown is an important part of planning your big day. A wedding budget is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. The wedding budget breakdown is a vital part of your planning process but with some careful consideration and budgeting.

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  1. Reception Venue And Catering – 40-50 % of your budget

    2. Photography And Videography – 10-15% of your budget

    3. Flowers And Decor – 10-15 % of your budget

4. Wedding Planner Or Coordinator – 10-15 % of your budget

5. Music And Entertainment – 5-10 % of your budget

6. Invitations And Stationery – 2-5 % of your budget

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Reception Venue And Catering

    Your wedding budget for reception venue and catering in a way that fits your personal style and preferences, while also staying within your financial means.

    Photography And Videography

    Photography and videography are important elements of a wedding as they capture the memories of your special day.

    Flowers And Decor

    Your wedding budget for flowers and decor in a way that fits your style and budget. Flowers and decor can add a beautiful and personal touch to your wedding, but they can also be expensive

    Wedding Planner Or Coordinator

    A wedding planner or coordinator can be a valuable investment for couples who want to ensure that their wedding day runs smoothly.

    Music And Entertainment

    Music and entertainment are key components of any wedding celebration.

    Invitations And Stationery

    Invitations and stationery are an important part of your wedding planning process.

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