What To Include Wedding Invitations

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When planning your wedding, one of the most important details is the wedding invitation. It’s the first impression your guests will have of your special day, and it sets the tone for the entire event. But what to include in your wedding invitations?

What To Include Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Hosts’ Names

Start with the names of those hosting the wedding. Traditionally, this is the bride’s parents, but it could also be the couple themselves or the groom’s parents. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Jane Marie Smith, to Mr. William James Brown.”

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The Wedding Couple’s Names

Next, include the names of the couple. The bride’s name should be listed first. For example, “Jane Marie Smith and William James Brown request the pleasure of your company at their marriage.”

The Wedding Date and Time

Include the date and time of the wedding, including the day of the week. For example, “Saturday, the fifteenth of June, two thousand and twenty-three, at five o’clock in the evening.”

The Wedding Location

Include the name and address of the wedding venue, along with any additional information your guests may need. If the wedding ceremony and reception are at different locations, make sure to include both. If the wedding is taking place outside, be sure to let your guests know, so they can dress appropriately.

The Dress Code

Let your guests know what attire is appropriate for the wedding. This can be as simple as “black tie” or “cocktail attire.”

RSVP Information

Include a deadline for RSVPs, along with instructions on how to RSVP. You can include wedding invitations cards with a stamped envelope or provide an email or phone number for guests to respond. Make sure to include a date by which guests should RSVP, so you can get an accurate headcount for the wedding.

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